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A couple of words about us

The NIELSEN – expert translations, Ltd. company was founded in 2003,

and operates both on the local as well as international market. From our very beginning, we specialize in expert translations with the focus on legal entities. Thanks to the fact that our clients are important multinational corporations, we provide our translation solutions also to foreign parent concerns of local companies. Our services are thus utilized also by the companies in Germany, Austria, the UK, Spain, Poland, Switzerland as well as in other European countries, where the corporate headquarters of Czech branches and plants are seated. These companies chose us as their supplier of translations not only because of our substantially lower costs when compared to the costs of these services common in the western part of Europe, but also for our professional approach, fastness and quality of our translations and, last but not least, for our extensive experience from many international translation projects.

Our vision

NIELSEN is a low-cost supplier of translation services for important companies from the spheres of industry, business, logistics and other commercial

services. Because our prices belong to the lowest in the region and our quality and speed of delivery is very high, we work for a number of not only regional industrial and commercial companies. Our difference on the market with translation services consists in our focus on manufacturing, technical, economic, business and legal fields. We provide our professional services to corporate client, whose needs and requirements are addressed by us always in an individual manner.

Advantage based on the state-of-the-art technologies

As a specialized supplier of low-cost translation we are not engaged in teaching of languages, which has nothing in common with expert

translations. We fully concentrate on a comprehensive DMS (document management system). Apart from most common software tools (Microsoft Office) we use TRADOS studio software in order to make the whole process more fast and cheaper; this software is a cutting-edge tool among the computer aided translation (CAT) and professionals use the products of this company.


Translations look the same as originals

  • 100 per cent visual look of the original documents kept also in their translations is common for us not only in case of editable formats (doc,

    xls, ppt etc.), but also at formats which are supplied from client as uneditable (mostly as pdf). In order to make them editable, we use specialized optical character recognition software (OCR) and after finishing the translation, our clients are provided with the completely editable document with completely preserved visual (graphic) look when compared to the original document.

  • We also process extensive documentation according to project management principles. For example, we start our workflow

    with several handbooks in German, supplied to us only in pdf format. We rework them with 100% preservation of their graphic look, translate them into English, secure their colour printing and distribution in required number of copies to the destination specified by our client.