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Legal translations

Apart from technical and business texts, legal texts are the third most important sphere of documents processed by every company in large amounts. Their principal part consists of the documents related to human resources, i.e. to the functioning of the company from personnel aspects. Such documents include employment contracts, collective agreements, motivation policies and many other documents from corporate HR departments. Further legal texts include, for instance, lease contracts, purchase contracts, contracts for work, leasing contracts, consignment stock agreements, a broad range of logistics related documents, company articles, extracts from registers, minutes from general meetings, contracts on transfers of business shares, securities as well as other documents. Various business or personnel disputes dealt with Czech as well as international courts are not exceptional as well.

Apart from common translations of these documents, the so-called sworn-court translator certified translation is sometimes required, especially in case of lawsuits or translations required by official bodies, when the original document is stapled to its translation together with the clause of sworn-court translator with their official stamp. Almost all our legal translations are assigned to sworn-court translators, even if they do not require the certification. Because of that our legal translations have the quality of the certified translations with their common appendage and accuracy. We have many years of practical experience in the sphere of legal and certified translations enabling us to provide free consultations of these issues which have been already many times appreciated by our clients.