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Court-certified translations

Court-certified translations are a special kind of translations. When compared to common translations, their volume is much smaller, but as regards their frequency, they are quite often. Most of them are the translations from/into English and German, but quite frequent is also Russian or Ukrainian. However, they can be carried out virtually from any language.

In case of court-certified translations the original document is stapled to its translation together with the clause of a sworn-court translator with their official stamp. This certification means that the translation is the true and complete transfer of the original wording into the target language without any distortion or omission of information. This is important for the translation to be accepted by state administration or legal bodies as well as other institutions at the territory of another state. These translations can be done only by the court-nominated translators, so such translators are smaller in number than the translators without the official stamp for a particular language.

We have many years of practical experience based on hundreds of court-certified translations enabling us to provide free consultations of these issues which have been already many times appreciated by our clients.