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Proof-reading means a thorough check of already existing foreign language texts, which either have or have not available the original text from which the translation was done. Most of the text are translations from Czech into a foreign language for presentation purposes, for instance company catalogues, advertising brochures and leaflets, adverts and other promotion materials. The requirements for such translation emphasise not only the utmost material and grammatical correctness of the translation, but also an attractive and live style of expressions common in the country of its target use in an particular country.

Proof-reading ranks among quite rare jobs, because it adds additional costs to already exiting texts which are ready to be used without problems and major changes (on condition that they were translated by a skilled and experienced translator). However, if a client wants to be sure about the attractiveness and readability of the style of the translation, for instance because of the high costs of its offset printing in large quantity, than such additional proof-reading is necessary.