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We provide interpreting in the same range of languages as written translations, both at the premises of our clients in the Czech Republic and also abroad if their workers travel to a foreign country. The most common type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting, when an interpreter transfers the speaker's words into a foreign language afterwards they finish some logical part, idea or block of sentences. This interpreting is quite frequent (it includes various trainings, audits or trips to partnering plants). The second kind of interpreting, usually very rare in corporate environment, is simultaneous interpreting, when the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time (the interpreter usually from a booth, using a microphone, into earphones of their listeners). Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of special technical equipment and is used mainly for live transmissions, at conferences or symposiums for large auditoriums, when consecutive interpreting would be inappropriate and impractical (therefore it is sometimes called also conference interpreting).

The abilities of a good interpreter differ from those of a good translator, because interpreting is personally provided service and apart from perfect knowledge of a particular language it requires also a high degree of communicativeness and sociability. We lay a great emphasis on these qualities at our interpreters, because we know the interpreter does not represent only our company, but in the eyes of foreign partners or visitors they mainly represent our client.