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Six Certainties guaranteed by NIELSEN:

1. You Know the Price in Advance

Every translation is preceded with an accurate calculation, which guarantees you the given price will not be exceeded. If you want to know the precise cost of the translation of your text, you just can send it to us by e-mail or fax without any commitment - you will receive the calculation with the final price by return. Then the decision is left up to you.

2. The Quality of Language unified with Expert Competence

Your expert text will be translated by a specialist in the given branch with the perfect knowledge of the target language of translation. The high degree of branch specialisation of our translators guarantees you that the final text will be understandable to your foreign colleagues or partners both from the language and expert points of view.

3. The Strict Keeping of Deadlines

The delivery time is specified by you. Our standard is three working days, but you can have your translation within the same day. The deadline is exactly fixed for an hour and obligatorily guaranteed by NIELSEN.

4. Technological Superiority

Working with us you will never encounter any technical problems - NIELSEN uses cutting-edge computing and communication equipment ensuring the flawless course of the whole process.

5. Treating your Documents with Utmost Confidentiality

All data received from you as well as delivered to you through e-mail are secured in our protected private network, and all paper and faxed documents are locked in our protected archive (upon your request they can be given back to you or shredded after the translation is finished).

6. Flexible and Helpful Attitude to your Requirements and Needs

NIELSEN unequivocally defines itself as the system focusing on the needs of its customers. Therefore, apart from the certainties described above, it ensures you professional and pleasant cooperation flexibly reacting to your specific requirements.

To be low-cost or not to be low-cost , that is the question

Every company doing business in such turbulent times as nowadays maintains the policy of permanent seeking of low costs for their inputs as part of their continuous improvement systems. As our company is managed in accordance with the most modern trends in modern management, we keep the structure of our organisation flat and with minimal overheads. This fact together with the use of cutting-edge software enables us to be a professional partner and consultant of comprehensive translation solutions even for the business with the turnover in billions of Czech crowns.

What is CAT

It is specialised software which make pairs of source and target

sentences during the translation and gradually builds the so-called translation memory. Whenever the same or similar sentences are translated, the translation memory (TM) enables easy "recycling" of the texts translated earlier. This is very useful for often repeating or revised texts, such as instruction books, quality management documentation or modified or revised contracts. The advantages of such solution are easy to understand:

  • Saving of costs, which can reach even 70%
  • Speeding-up of the whole translation workflow
  • Keeping of the same terminology, stored in the TM
Professional solution

We use the Trados translation software by SDL, which ranks among leading companies in this business worldwide.