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Our price policy

NIELSEN'S leading position in the translation services market

is determined by its focus on production, technical, economic, business and legal branches- i.e. 5 spheres covering the life of every company. The focus on the complete corporate operation enables NIELSEN to reach the best quality/price/speed parameters in the provision of expert translations.

Recent big project

  • approx. volumeProject description
  • 1200 pagesRomanian documentation for welding fixtures
  • 650 pagesEnglish, German and Russian comments to maps
  • 1250 pagesCatalogue of requirements for sales system (into English)
  • 500 pagesMaintenance documentation of production line (from Spanish)
  • 720 pagesMachinery instructions (into Polish and Russian)
  • 800 pagesQuality management documentation (into Russian)

We are based on quality translators...

Our translators are exclusively technical-universities graduated experts with many years of experience

in working with technical texts in foreign languages as well as with the professional practice in the real manufacturing or trading companies. It is the combination of the language and technical qualification that makes it possible for NIELSEN to supply the translations of texts of the supreme language quality while fully preserving the expert dimensions of a branch-specific source text.

Thanks to the branch specialisation our translators work with very high labour productivity, which enables the NIELSEN system to provide unrivalled delivery times while keeping the best quality/price parameters on the market. In the case of translations delivered in our standard term (three working days) the unit price is 20 % Iower than the market average, while in the case of translations delivered in the express term you save even 30 %!

...and cutting-edge technologies

  • We offer to our clients also the use of CAT tools, which are software applications

    able to make the process of translation cheaper and faster when applied to suitable kind of documents. After carrying out a thorough analysis of the supplied documents we inform the client on suitability of CAT tools application, including possible savings when compared to standard method of translating. The companies with a higher demand of translation services throughout the year are offered very favourable individual contract conditions. The complete price list of our services is available upon your request here.

  • More then 60% of the supplied documents are uneditable formats, mostly pdf files,

    which our clients receive from their business partners or parents companies from abroad. The source data in editable formats for these files are usually unavailable. We are able to preserve the exact graphic look of the original also in its translation thanks to the state-of-the-art software for optical character recognition (OCR). And all this in an editable format that can be further processed by clients which is quite important especially for the translations into the native language of a particular client.


Modern translatology is nowadays a very advanced

branch as regards technology. CAT software tools tank among its most important applications in the last decade. They are very useful for translating documents, in which sentences and their parts are repeated or the texts are revised from time to time. it concerns such documents as technical documentation, standards, instructions, contracts, auditor's report or accounting documents. CAT tools can mean a substantial savings in costs and time when applied to a suitable kind of documents. We provide clients with a free analysis of supplied files and on its basis we inform them if the application of CAT tools would be useful and what saving it could bring when compared to a standard translation.